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In February 2020, my family moved from Japan to here, the UK.
Just so right before the lock down.

I live in Cambridge.
Cambridge is a very nice place and I quickly get around my way living here.

But I always miss Japanese food.

Ready meals are also sold at supermarkets.
However, here are really oily and the teriyaki sauce is too sweet for me.
It’s not the taste that I’m used to and been looking for.

Luckily, we can buy Japanese ingredients from the internet, supermarkets, and Asian shops here.

I really find it troublesome to make some changes while cooking when ingredients are not available at hand. Making the preparation of everyday meal more challenging.

And I am not good at cooking, I am very troublesome.
I always want Japanese food that is easy to make, delicious and healthy for my family.

I started this blog, hoping that people all over the world will enjoy the recipes that I will be sharing.

(To improve my English skill as well. )

So, let’s get started and enjoy some easy to cook, delicious and healthy Japanese dishes.

See you around in your comments and views! 🙂


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    This blog was created with the concept of having many people enjoy Japanese cuisine overseas. Here are some simple Japanese recipes. In addition to that, I would like to tell everyone that Japanese ingredients are available overseas. And I want to spread the fun of Japanese culture to the world.


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