Make a super-easy “Ohitashi” using Bonito soup base


“Ohitashi” is a very popular dish in Japan. Generally, spinach is boiled and soaked in soy sauce-based soup. The word soak is “hitasu” in Japanese. From there comes the word “Ohitashi”. This time, I will introduce how to make a very simple “Ohitashi” using “Bonito soup base”.


2 bunches of spinach
50ml bonito soup base ( double concentrate)
(If it is 3 times concentrated, adjust with water.)
100ml water
Mushroom ( if any )
Gari(Sushi ginger) or ginger ( if any )
Bonito flake ( if any)

Step 1


Mixed soup base and water

Step 2


Boiled spinach and mushrooms
(about 2 min)

Step 3


After boiling, cool with water and squeeze tightly.

Step 4


Cut spinach and mushrooms

Step 5


Soak them in the sauce
( more than 30 min )

Step 6


Topped Gari and bonito flake

It’s very easy, so please give it a try.

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