What is “PONZU”?


Do you know “PONZU”?
Ponzu is very popular ingredient in Japan.
Originally, ponzu is a Japanese seasoning that uses citrus fruits.
Nowadays, even in Japan, the seasoning “ponzu Soy sauce”, which is a mixture of soy sauce and citrus fruits, is also called “ponzu”.

By the way, the word “ponzu” comes from the Dutch word “Pons”.
Alcoholic beverages containing citrus fruits were introduced to Japan, and citrus juice was eventually called “pons”  in Japan.
Especially in Japan, it is indispensable for “nabe-dish”, which is cooked on the table in winter.
However, I use this ponzu as a very convenient ingredient when making Japanese food.

How to make “Ponzu”

These days you can also find it in UK supermarkets. But it’s very easy to make. Then I will introduce how to make it.


50 ml Soy sauce
50ml mirin
100ml Lemon juice


Step 1

Put mirin into the pan and heat row heat for 2 minutes.

Step 2

Mix mirin, soy sauce and lemon juice.



In this blog as well, I would like to introduce various arranged dishes using this ponzu sauce.

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