About the basic “Dashi(soup stock)” of Japanese cuisine


Dashi(Japanese soup stock) is one of the important ingredients in Japanese cuisine. Generally speaking, Dashi is an umami ingredient extracted from ingredients such as kelp and bonito. This article introduces the types of Dashi.

What is “Umami”


Umami is called the fifth basic taste.
The other four are sweet, salty, bitter and sour.
Umami occurs naturally in many foods, like seaweed, shiitake mushrooms, meat and fish.

Umami mixes with other ingredients to make the food very delicious.


General soup stock “kelp and bonito”


There are many types of dashi, but in general, the one that says “dashi soup” in recipes often refers to kelp dashi and bonito dashi.
It can be easily made by combining kelp extract and dried bonito extract.
The soup made from kelp and dried bonito at first is called “the first soup“, and the soup made by adding the remaining kelp and dried bonito to more bonito is called “the second soup“.

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The dish that suits the the first soup


Dashi soup, miso soup, chawanmushi(Steamed egg pudding), soba and udon soup, etc.

The dish that suits the the secound soup


Boiled food, cooked rice, hot pot, etc.

The simplest soup stock “powder soup stock”


Katsuobushi and kelp are hard to come by. Moreover, it is a little difficult to make.
Therefore, I would like to introduce a very convenient and easily available powdered soup stock.
You can easily make miso soup by dissolving it in water.
It is a very savior to make Japanese food easily.

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I often use powdered soup stock because I want to cook easily.
The powder can be stored for a long time, which is very convenient.


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