How to make ” Miso Soup “( Only 10 miniutes, easy recipe )


Miso soup that is indispensable for Japanese cuisine.
You can’t make it just by adding Miso in hot water.
Dashi is important.
I will introduce how to make simple Miso soup using powdered soup stock that is also available overseas.

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(For 8 people / for 4 family members x stock)

800ml water
1 pc Dashi stock
50g Leek (green onions )
1 tbsp. Dry wakame seaweed
150 g Tofu
2 tbsp. Miso

Step 1

Put water in a pot to make it hot.

Step 2

Add the Dashi stock.

Step 3

Put the Wakame seaweed in a bowl and add water to restore it to its original size.

Step 4

Cut the tofu into 1 cm square blocks.

Slice the leek.

Step 5

Add the ingredients to the boiling soup stock.
Boil for about 2 minutes.

Step 6

Melt the Miso.
Be careful not to bring it to a boil.
It reduces nutrition and aroma.

Step 7
Serve in a bowl.

If you can’t get tofu and Wakame seaweed,
Cabbage, spinach and potatoes are also delicious.

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