How to get Japanese seasoning in the UK.

japanese seasoning

I usually get from ” Amazon.UK “.

There are so many Japanese products on Amazon. Of course, you can also get the seasonings introduced on this site.

From Glossary shopping

I’m a family of four, so when I go shopping every week, it’s very heavy and heavy. So I use a home delivery supermarket. For example, “Ocado“. This store sells many Japanese ingredients.


From Asian Supermarket.

I go to Asian supermarkets once or twice a month. There are many Asian ingredients there. Of course, there are also Japanese ingredients. Just looking at it is a lot of fun. I also try ingredients from other Asian countries.

Online Shopping

You can get so many kinds of Japanese ingredients here. There is also a store.
Please see the website for details.Lots of nice recipes are posted.

  • T.K.Trading
  • natural natural

Depending on the ingredients, it may be good to grow them in your garden.

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This blog was created with the concept of having many people enjoy Japanese cuisine overseas. Here are some simple Japanese recipes. In addition to that, I would like to tell everyone that Japanese ingredients are available overseas. And I want to spread the fun of Japanese culture to the world.


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