How to make ” Norimaki “


Recently, seaweed rolls sushi “Norimaki ” are often found in British supermarkets.
These can be easily done at home with seaweed and sushi.
I will show you how to make it easily.



( for 2~3 person)

300 g Warm rice
1 tbsp Sushinoko
100 g cucumber
1~2 pcs. smoked salmon
(If not, ham etc. is acceptable)
2 pcs. sushi seaweed
Makisu mat ( sushi mat)


Step 1
Prepare the rice.
Cook 1 cup of rice.
If you use frozen or chilled rice, warm it in the microwave.

Step 2
Mix the rice with Sushinoko.

Step 3

Cut the sushi seaweed in half.

Cut vegetables and salmon into strips.

Step 4
Place the seaweed on top of the makisu mat.

Spread a thin layer of rice on the seaweed.
Do not put 1 cm in the back.
At this time, it is important not to put a lot on it.


Step 5
Place the ingredients in the middle.


Step 6
Wrap from the front.
After wrapping the seaweed once, tighten it by hand.

Repeat this.
When it is rolled to the end tighten it again by hand.


Step 7
Wet the knife with water and cut it.
It is important to cut without hesitation.

Please put a little soy sauce if you like.

If you have extra rice, you can enjoy it as nigiri sushi by holding it small and putting the ingredients on top.
Boiled carrots, mushrooms, ham, etc. can be used as ingredients.
Please enjoy various things.



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