How to make ” Pork Miso soup “


Speaking of Japanese food, many people think of “Miso soup”.
This is a soup made by combining the ingredients “Miso” and “Dashi” that are indispensable for Japanese cuisine.
However, instead of this “Dashi”, you can make a delicious soup with the extract of “pork”.
I will introduce how to make Japanese home-cooked “Tonjiru”


( for 4 person)

200g Leek
200g cabbage
2 carrots
100g Eggplant(aubergine)
200g Pumpkin
200g pork
3 tbsp. Miso
( Any vegetables suitable for soup are OK. )


Step 1
Cut the vegetables.
The pumpkin was peeled.

Step 2
Cut the meat into small pieces.
(Thin pork ribs are good, but they are not sold in the UK so I will use this meat instead.)

Step 3
Put oil in a pan and warm it.
Fry the pork until the surface is white.

Step 4
Add vegetables and fry lightly.

Step 5
Pour enough water to soak the vegetables.
Boil until the vegetables are tender.

Step 6
Add the Miso.
Stir well and let the taste blend in.
If you like, add salt and pepper and Miso.

Step 7
Serve in a bowl and serve.



In Japan, thinly sliced ribs are commonly used. This is because the extract comes out more often. If you add Japanese curry roux instead of miso, you can make Japanese-style curry.

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