Pickled radish in soy sauce(Easy recipe)


Just make the sauce and put the radish in it.
You can make delicious pickles just by doing that.
It’s a very simple dish that eats a lot of white rice.


100 g Radish
Some kelp( if any )
20 g sugar
20 g say sauce
15 g rice vinegar
4 g Sake


Step 1


Cut radish into thin rectangles.

Step 2


Put sugar, say sauce, rice vinegar and sake into pan.
Heat the pot to remove the alcohol.

Step 3

Put radish, kelp and sauce in a container.

Step 4 


Leave it in the refrigerator for 2-3 days.


Even if you add a little garlic, ginger, dried red pepper, etc., it’s very delicious. Please try it.

I always procure many ingredients from Ocado.

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