What is “SHIO-KOJI”?


It is considered very difficult to cook Japanese food.
But that’s actually pretty easy.
If you use”SHIO-KOJI”.


What is “SHIO-KOJI”?

SHIO is called salt in English.

SHIO-KOJI is salted rice malt.

There are many seasonings made from rice malt, including miso and soy sauce.

What kind of effect does SHIO-KOJI have?

Besides that, SHIO-KOJI has a lot of SHIO-KOJI is include amylase, protease and lipase of Digestive enzymes.

By the action of these digestive enzymes,the meat and fish soaked in SHIO-KOJI become tender, and the vegetables also become soaked in flavor and taste increases.

Is SHIO-KOJI good for your health?

Besides that, SHIO-KOJI has a lot of benefits and effects.It will help make your blood flow smoothly.

It will prevents swelling and lifestyle-related diseases by suppressing cholesterol and triglycerides.

How do you use SHIO KOJI?

It makes the taste mellow by adding it instead of salt.

I get this on Amazon.UK.

In addition, you can get it at Asian shops and Japanese food stores.
Of course, it’s easy to get at Japanese supermarkets, so it’s a good souvenir.

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