Why do Japanese people are slurping their noodles ?


Noodles such as ramen and Japanese soba are as popular as sushi in Japanese cuisine. But you may be surprised when you go to Japan. This is because most Japanese eat while making a slurping sound. But reading this article may reduce your discomfort.I will explain why Japanese people slurp their noodles noisily.

Is it okay to make a sound when eating in Japan?


That’s wrong.
Even in Japanese etiquette, it is not good to make a chewing sound when eating. Basically, it is correct not to make noise when eating.


In the Edo period, it was popular to slurp their noodles


Udon became popular among the common people during the Muromachi period about 300 years ago. Eventually after 100 years, during the Edo period, soba was made and it is cheaper and easier to make than udon.
Udon was eaten with hot sauce, while soba was served on a colander and dipped in cold, thick soup.
That’s because soba noodles are thinner than udon noodles.
At that time, it is very popular to add a little sauce and enjoy the aroma.
It is said that eating with “slurping” has been known as a cool way to eat.
Even in the Japanese culture of “rakugo,” noodles are intentionally expressed with noise. It is a culture that eats with a slurping sound like this.


What is the effect of eating with noise?

The soup is often entwined with the noodles


I have also tried this.
I came to UK and decided to be careful about it.
The whole family practiced not to make noise when eating noodles.
But I noticed. The taste is light.
It is better to slurp the noodles and eat them because the taste of the soup strongly blends with the noodles.

The scent spreads


It is said that the aroma of Japanese soba is important.
As in the Edo period, people who really like Japanese soba still enjoy the aroma of buckwheat with a little soup.
It is said that this scent spreads by squeezing.
It may be similar to what a sommelier does when checking the aroma of red wine.

Prevent burns

It has the effect of preventing burns.
By slurping, it also sucks in air.
This will lower the temperature of the noodles a little.
Japanese people serve hot food in a very hot state.
For example, ramen.
At that time, you can protect yourself from burns by doing this.

If you are not Japanese, you may be reluctant to slurp soba.
But if you like, try it alone.
It may feel more delicious.

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