I ordered the ingredients from the “Japan Centre “.


The way to get Japanese ingredients in Europe is to buy them on Amazon or at Asian supermarkets. Recently, it has become available at a nearby grocery store.But when you buy a lot of things, it’s very convenient to get them online Japanese online store. I used the Japan Centre the other day, so I will introduce it.

What is Japan Centre?

It is Europe’s largest online stockist of Japanese products online shop.
Part of the Japan Centre family, bringing Japanese cuisine and culture to the U.K. since 1976
For more information, please visit the official homepage.

Free standard shipping on purchases over £ 65

Free shipping on purchases over £ 65 to England, Wales and parts of Scotland, excluding freezing and refrigeration.

You can also buy books, stationery and miscellaneous goods

I haven’t tried it yet, but you can buy Japanese books, books about Japanese culture or Japanese language , toys such as origami, stationery and miscellaneous goods. It’s not just food.

Can be sent outside the UK

Shipping costs vary by region, but can be shipped to countries other than the United Kingdom.
Please see the website for details.

Very polite delivery and packing

UK shipping may have a broken box. However, it arrived in very good condition.
And the packaging is also clean.

I’m Japanese, so this Japanese newspaper is a lot of fun.


Let me introduce what I bought this time!

(Price is as of 1/12/2020)


Takara Cooking Sake 300 ml  (£7.35 )
Takara Hon Mirin Rice wine 300 ml (£6.99 )


Makurazaki Dried Bonito Flakes 40.40 g (£5.99 )


I use this for Miso soup, Potato Salad, etc..


Wel-Pac Dried Dashi Konbu 113 g (£3.99 )


I use this for Miso soup, boiled Vegetables, etc..


Marushin New Year Kagami Mochi (£7.89 )


This is a traditional Japanese lucky charm of New Years  day.


Shimaya Monito Dashi Stock 50 g (£2.75)


I use this for Miso soup, boiled Vegetables, etc..

It is very convenient for easy Japanese recipes.


Furikake ~Rice seasoning~ 23 g (£2.99 )


Eat rice deliciously
Just sprinkle on warm rice

Hikari Inaka Red Miso 400 g (£2.85 )
Hikari Shinsu white Miso 400 g (£2.85 )


I use this for Miso soup, Tonjiru, etc..

Sanko Kiriboshi Daikon ~Dried Radish~100 g (£3.99 )



S&B Torokeru Hayashi Rice Stew 160 g (£3.59 )
S&B Torokeru Curry Mild 200 g*2 (£3.59)*2



S&B Spaghetti Sauce Spicy Cod Roe 52 g (£5.59 )
S&B Spaghetti Sauce Cod Roe 52 g (£5.59 )


Ingredients for cod roe spaghetti that I sometimes want to eat


Subtotal Incl VAT £69.59



I’m glad I didn’t expect to get Kagami Mochi in the UK.
The Japan Centre website has many recipes.
Just looking at the website is fun. Please take a look.

Click here for the site …



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