Salmon and sweet potato miso soup


In Japan, we eat a lot of sweet potatoes as autumn food. This time,
I will introduce how to make miso soup using salmon and sweet potatoes.


1 tsp. Dried dashi
1 piece Salmon
150g sweet potato
100g mushroom
1.5 tbsp. Miso
500 ml water


Step 1
Cut salmon into small bite size.

Step 2
Wash sweet potato well, and peal a bit skin.
Then, cut into bite-size.

Step 3
Slice mushrooms to bite-size.

Step 4
Put water, dashi and sweet potato into a pan.
Heat high heat until boil.
After boil, turn to middle heat and boil for 5 minutes.

Step 5
Put salmon and mushroom and boil for 3minutes.
When the salmon is cooked, add miso.


The sweetness of sweet potatoes and the saltiness of miso go very well together.
Please try it.




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