I ordered the ingredients from the “Japan Centre “.~Feb.2021~


Continuing from the previous order in December, I ordered Japanese ingredients from the Japan Centre again.
I will introduce what I ordered this time.

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official website of “Japan Centre” is  here

Very polite delivery and packing


This time too, it is packed very carefully.
And there was another Japanese newspaper.
I am very much looking forward to this.


Let me introduce what I bought this time!

(Price is as of 2/2/2021)

Yumenishiki rice 10 kg (£31.99)


It is our favourite rice.
Almost everyday we eat it.

Makurazaki Dried Bonito Flakes 40.40 g (£5.99 )

I use this for Miso soupPotato Salad, Japanese omelette and etc..

Tanaka Furikake  (Katsuo Mirin  & Egg seaweed) (£ 3.59 each)


Eat rice deliciously.
Just sprinkle on warm rice.

Shimaya Monito Dashi Stock 100 g (£4.59)


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Hakubai Sweet Mochi Rice 2.27 kg (£9.99 )


I am going to cook mochi by myself.
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Original White Miso 500 g*2 (£9.30 *2)


I use this for Miso soupTonjiru,Chan-chan yaki and etc..

Subtotal Incl VAT £69.04

With all this, I can cook a variety of Japanese dishes with British ingredients. I will continue to introduce simple, delicious and healthy recipes, so please visit the site.



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