What is “drinkable IV-drip” Amazake


What is Amazake

Do you know Amazake?
Amazake means “sweet sake”.
But it’s completely different from sake.
Amazake is a fermented rice drink.
There are two types of amazake.
One is made of sakekasu(sake lee) the leftovers when sake is squeezed from fermented rice.
It contains a small amount of alcohol.
Another is made of rice and ricemalt.
It is made by fermenting ricemalt in the same way as Shio-koji and soy sauce koji.
Since it does not contain alcohol, children can also drink it.

Amazake is described as a “drinkable IV-drip” in Japan.

Amazake is a very nutritious drink and is called “drinkable IV-drip” in Japan.
The most prominent nutritional components in amazake are the B vitamins (B1, B2, niacin, B6, folic acid) and dietary fiber. Although not on the list, it also contains a lot of glucose and is rich in amino acids such as oligosaccharides.
Dietary fiber and oligosaccharides are very good for intestinal health.
As it contains a lot of B vitamins, it is also very good for beauty.
Although it is sweet like sugar, it is characterized by its high nutritional value.
You can also drink it as it is.
I often use this amazake instead of sugar.

How to make amazake


200 g Dried rice koji
400 cc Warm water( 50℃-60℃)
Yogurt maker or rice cooker


Step 1
Put koji and lukewarm water in a yogurt maker container or rice cooker container and mix well.

Step 2
If you use Yogurt maker
Set the temperature to 60 ° C and the time to 8 hours.

If you use rice cooker
Press the heat retention button, open the lid and hang a wet towel over it.

Step 3
After 4 hours, stir once.

Step 4
Put in a pan and heat on medium heat until just before boiling.

Step 5
Place in a storage container and store in the refrigerator (storage period 1 month).
It can also be frozen (storage period 3 months).

In the future, I will introduce various dishes and sweets using amazake.
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