“Soy sauce KOJI”, which may be easier and tastier than SHIO- KOJI


What is Soy sauce KOJI

Soy sauce koji is a seasoning made by soaking rice koji in soy sauce and aging and fermenting it.
It is used by adding boiled vegetables or adding to simmered dishes.

How to make soy sauce KOJI


Say sauce
Dried KOJI (rice molt)
(amount of soy sauce is twice of Koji.)


Step 1

Mix koji and soy sauce.

Step 2

Mix it once a day using clean spoon.
If the amount of soy sauce is reduced, add soy sauce.

Step 3

Store at room temperature for about a week,
and when the grains of koji become soft and the scent of thick and koji is complete, it is ready.
It can be done early in the summer, but it can take 10 days to 2 weeks in the winter.

How to use “Soy sauce KOJI”

Please use Soy sauce KOJI instead of Shio-Koji of “” introduced a while ago.
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Alternatively, it is delicious to sprinkle on tofu or vegetables such as cucumbers.




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